Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DBZ Guitars

DBZ Guitars is giving music retailers something to be excited about – sales! Dealers are experiencing success with Dean B. Zelinsky's new brand. DBZ Guitars, only shipping since August 2009, is already selling in 22 countries. Zelinsky’s new designs have struck a chord with players worldwide, creating a demand that retailers are profiting from.

Miami’s Space Music owner, Shiva Gangadhar spoke about the success the line has brought to his store. "Having these guitars in our store is a win/win for both us and our customers. Dean Zelinsky is a known name with a commitment to quality. Finally, the guitars he was born to make." Gangadhar added, "four of my employees are already DBZ owners."

Jim Rubino from Rubino's Music in Merriville, IN put it this way: "DBZ’s are the only thing that’s selling! I’m having fun selling guitars again. We compared the $5,000 Les Paul to the $749.00 DBZ Imperial. The DBZ wins hands down in neck design, sound and finish. The finishes on these guitars are the best I have seen in 39 years of business. You cannot go wrong with DBZ." Rubino’s Music will be hosting a DBZ Guitars in-store on September 12, where Dean Zelinsky will make an appearance to meet, greet and sign autographs for fans and customers.

Todd Mobley general manager of The Music Farm in Orrville, OH had this to say, "The buzz has made this line very profitable for us. DBZ Guitars have been a breath of fresh air! Expect big things when you get involved with DBZ!"

"People come in actually asking for DBZ's. They are the most exciting line of guitars in decades", says Eddie Carlino of Carlino Guitars in Medford MA. "There’s an evolution happening...again. I initially brought the DBZ line into my store based on the fact that I've been involved with the evolving ideas of Dean Zelinsky since I was selling his guitars at the age of 17. I now own my own store and after seeing how Zelinsky’s ideas can turn into a player's dream, I just had to carry his new brand. More than just a guitar idea, it's in his DNA. From the Bird of Prey, to the classically styled Bolero, to the innovative Imperial, DBZ's are the most exciting line of guitars in decades."

"Dealers need guitars that are new and exciting", states DBZ Guitars CEO Dean Zelinsky. "In this downturn economy, nobody is going to get excited over seeing the same wall of tired old guitars", Zelinsky noted. "Having DBZ Guitars on the wall gets peoples attention...they turn tire kickers into buyers."

DBZ Guitars will be displaying at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show in Nashville, TN June 18 – 20.

To learn more about the entire DBZ Guitars collection, visit the company website at www.dbzguitars.com.

From : http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/press_releases/dbz_guitars_takes_flight_in_grounded_economy.html

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