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Theodore Ziras

Theodore Ziras was born in Poros island. Started his music training at the age of 15 (Guitar, Music Theory, Jazz Harmony, Rhythm & Counterpoint, Piano) His main influences include generally anything from Classical Music, Rock, Metal to Jazz & Fusion.
1994-1998: His first serious band collaboration was with the Athens(GR) based power metal Greek band "Ice Divine" (1994-98) and "Guardian Angel" (1997-98) as the lead Guitar player. He did numerous recording & performed in many gigs (e.g support with Iced Earth, U.D.O etc)

1998-2001: Greece, he registered at the prestigious Guitar Institute of London for further Music/Guitar studies. He graduated 3 years later getting his degree, Bachelor (Honors) in Music Performance & Composition.

2001: He returned to Athens/Greece, he signed his first solo record deal.
His first instrumental solo CD "Trained To Play" released in April 2001. A mix of Orchestral Neoclassical Metal with complex harmony/orchestration and mind-blowing lead guitar parts.
The reviews for "Trained To Play" were more than positive and established Theodore as a solid musician & Guitar Player with great perspectives for the future.

2003: Almost 2 years (2003) later during serving his military duty Theodore prepared his 2nd instrumental album. "Virtual Virtuosity" released in March 2003. With "Virtual Virtuosity" Theodore accomplished to move a step forward his career and be acknowledged world-wide as a top class guitar virtuoso.

2005: Few months later (early 2004) he decided to produce a CD with Vocals. Searching for the perfect vocalist was not an easy job, Jioti Parcharidis (Human Fortress, Victory) finally was the perfect choice. After almost 2 years of recordings EUROFORCE CD hit the market on June 2005 from "Sonic Age Records".

2006-2007: Theodore prepared his 3rd instrumental CD...time for change. He played along the legendary keyboardist Derek Sherinian and the top L.A drummer Brian Tichy. "HyperpyrexiA" is the stunning result from this co-operation. Great reviews from the world wide press and Top Seller on for several weeks. During this year Theodore did appeared in guitar clinics supporting world class acts as Kiko Loureiro, Michael Angelo Batio, Gus G, Mattias Eklundh. Also Theodore released 8 instructional DVD's.
2008: On "Guitar World (July 2008)" issue Theodore mentioned as #5 Fastest Guitarist of all time (16 notes per second) faster than ames as Yngwie, John Petrucci and Steve Vai.
Theodore is official Line 6 clinician/endorser and keeps extremely busy dividing his time between studying, composing, teaching guitar, writing instructional material, recording and trying to develop his style and grow as a performer and composer.

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